X Rocker Pro H3 Gaming Chair

Avid gamers like a comfortable place to enjoy their games. There are a number of gaming chairs on the market and the X Rocker Pro H3 is one of the absolute best in the industry. The ergonomic design of the chair makes it a virtual must for anyone who plays often and although the very first gaming chairs were designed for use with car and plane simulation games, today’s gaming chairs have evolved and the H3 is among the best on the market for serious gamers.

The X Rocker Pro H3 offers a number of features including its ergonomic design as well as a hand and headrest, adjustable armrest and its folding capabilities. There is a 4 way surround sound system built in with a subwoofer and because the chair offers wireless capabilities, there is no need for cords to connect it to your iPod, television, or other gaming systems. It also features a vibrating capability to make gameplay seem more lifelike.

The chair offers four different surround sound speakers. Two of the speakers are fitted into the seat and the other two are in the headrest. If you really want to be surrounded by the sounds of your game, you can do so with the H3. The subwoofer is located in the backrest and since other gaming chairs typically have only a two way sound system, the four way surround sound is a bit unique.

The vibration allows you to become part of your game. In many chairs, the volume will need to be very loud in order for the gamer to feel the vibration. The H3 however, has a massive vibration system that works even when the sound is turned down. Because of the design, you can sit for hours in comfort. It has foam padding and an adjustable armrest that lets you get completely comfortable and it folds away for easy storage.

The wireless technology is a major advantage over other chairs. You have no worries of having cords running to and from the chair so you can literally place it wherever you like and still enjoy your gameplay. The absence of cords also makes it very easy to install and it can be connected to a number of different game consoles.

Of course, no product is without its problems. The chair is a bit weighty so it can be very difficult to move from one place to another even when it is folded. You could avoid this problem however by simply putting it where you want it to begin with. If you have room, you can just leave it out and eliminate the problem that the weight causes. For those who really love to get into their games, this chair is an excellent accessory to have. While it is certainly not what you would consider cheap, it is worth the investment if you want a gaming chair that is comfortable and offers a number of features that will virtually put you into any game you are playing.

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