Hideo Kojima Speaks Out About Future of Platforms

Platforms have ruled the roost for video game console manufacturers for some time, with Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo constantly battling for supremacy in the hardware market by attempting to pull in the best game studios that produce the titles every gamer wants. The consoles that have managed to get the best deals have done well, while other console systems such as the Sega line, have failed in the long run by relying too strongly on their own in house software design teams. Recently, designer Hideo Kojima, the man behind the smash hit series Metal Gear Solid, has come out to speak his mind on the subject of platforms and their relationship to titles. During a press conference for the game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Waker which is coming out for the Sony PSP, Kojima aired his feelings on the subject, letting reporters know that he feels the death of the traditional console systems as they exist today will be quick in coming.

His remarks shocked Hiroshi Kawano, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan who expressed respect for Kojima, but seemed confused by the remarks. To Kokima’s way of thinking, the future lies in the ability of gamers to be able to game anywhere they please on platforms that are universal and using software that is not platform specific. This would be a major blow to well established console makers and so industry observers understand how this could have shocked Kawano whose business depends on the profits from such systems. Some experts believe Kojima may have been referring to network gaming rather than the death of all consoles.