Upcoming Def Jam Rapstar Game to Feature Kanye West and Others

Music based games have become all the rage over the course of the past few years and with more titles coming out regularly in both the rock and pop music genres, it is not surprising that a hip hop based game would be in the works. The upcoming title Def Jam Rapstar is a collective work which is pulling in the talent and resources from such big name video game companies as Konami Digital Entertainment, 4mm Games, Def Jam Interactive and Terminal Reality. The new title is being created in an effort to compete directly with other genre games such as Rock Star, Guitar Hero and Rock Band – all titles that have sold well into the millions thanks to their easy accessibility and promotion that includes a great many very popular songs familiar to those both in and outside of the gaming hobby. This new title will feature works by such artists as Kanye West, T.I., Young Jeezy, Slick Rick and Dr. Dre, among other Def Jam super stars. The goal is to bring the popular urban rhythms to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 systems.

More than 40 different tracks will be on the disc and players will be encouraged to not only play the role of MC and rap along to the beats, but to record their performances so that they can share them with others online. This is where the game seeks to be different than its competition because it is leveraging the power of social networking sites like YouTube and Myspace in order to let players not just have a temporary level of gaming fun, but to be able to share that with the world over the web.