New Content for Alan Wake: The Signal

Gamers have been eating up the Microsoft Xbox 360 exclusive title Alan Wake, a 1st of what many hope will be a totally new kind of game that is as rich in style and content as any movie. If the game proves successful over the long haul, since over all sales are what mean the most to today’s video game publishers, then the game fans may well see some more of what is now being released: downloadable content (which is also known as DLC). This is a brand new episode for the game called The Signal and it will be available via Xbox Live Market Place for those who wish to download it as an add on for their existing copy of Alan Wake. The description of the episode is vague, as mystery teasers tend to be, but reviewers have given clues that the game will see the character Alan Wake up against a threat that is both ‘all new’ and ‘very familiar’. While this leaves much to the imagination, reviewers do say that the episode is enjoyable and has lived up to their expectations of what DLC for Alan Wake should be like, on the whole.

The DLC will be totally free of charge and is a total of around 48 MB in size so users will need a hard drive or at least space on their 360 in order to download and play the game. The makers of both the original title and the DLC, Remedy Entertainment, have said that a 2nd episode is in the works and will be titled The Writer. The cost of this 2nd episode is set to be 560 Microsoft Points.