doomSet to be released on May 13th, 2016, the latest installment in the Doom franchise will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. According to executive producer, Marty Stratton, the game will be centered around “badass demons, big effing guns and moving really, really fast”. Created by id Software and released by Bethesda Softworks, the game will feature multiple multiplayer modes and a custom mapmaker called SnapMap that let players create their own missions from scratch and share them with friends. Pre-orders are already being taken for the game on their official website and a collector’s edition that features a 12-inch demon statue is also available for $119.99.

Set in a similar universe as the original Doom classic from 1993, the player takes on the role of a member of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad who must rid a Martian research facility of the demons that have taken it over. As the player wakes up, he finds himself in Martian UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) facility and realizes that something’s not quite right. After making his way across the Martian surface, the player finds himself in an industrial complex that houses a misaligned satellite dish. By re-aligning the dish, the player plans to track down the source of the demonic invasion and put a stop to it once and for all.

In order to quell the evil forces of Hell, the player must battle his way across the Martian landscape, engaging demons of all shapes and sizes along the way. The game is very fast-paced and requires the player to utilize sprinting, jumping, and a built-in karate system for demonic melee fight scenes. Players are not limited in the number of weapons they can carry, but you cannot reload or regenerate health. Fortunately, ammo and health packs can be found all over the place and body armor can be worn to reduce the amount of damage taken.

Though not much is known about the upcoming release of Doom 4, which has been in the works since August 2007, it is known that four separate multiplayer options are available, which include Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, and Domination. Enemies will include possessed humans, 9 different kinds of demons, plus cyberdemons. Fortunately, the player can also become a demon under special circumstances when they pick up a demon rune, which only appear spontaneously and have a timer that limits how long the player can be in demon-mode.

New Political Strategy Game The Political Machine

For those tired of action-packed fight scenes and terror around every turn, The Political Machine brings a bucket of laughs and hours of gameplay to any player’s catalog of 2016 games. The Political Machine sets the player in charge of a 2016 presidential campaign where he or she can play as any of the Republican or Democratic candidates and battle the opposition in a race to the highest office in the land.

In addition to choosing one of over a dozen candidates, including front-runners like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the player can also create a custom character from scratch and tee off with others in order to win the presidency. The game allows the player to carefully plan out a strategic victory and implement smooth maneuvers like making appearances on famous talk shows or purchasing creative TV commercials in order to win favor with voters.

The campaign trail won’t be all smooth-sailing, however, as disastrous events may be thrown your way in random intervals to see how you cope with real-world scenarios. Natural disasters and scandalous affairs can come out of nowhere to completely change the course of the entire campaign. The game features real census data and issues to test your political savvy and has built-in leaderboards as well as poll tracking to keep track of who’s on top and show you how you stand with voters compared with your opponents.

The game can be played in campaign mode against AIs or in multiplayer mode in which players can challenge their friends to see who the real victor would be in a presidential race. While The Political Machine doesn’t have the best graphics available, the featured politicians do resemble their real life counterparts and the game engine is practically unparalleled when compared to similar games in its field, except for high-end simulator games like Masters of the World and Democracy. Those who have played earlier renditions of The Political Machine, including the 2004 race between George Bush and John Kerry and the 2008 race between Barack Obama and John McCain will know that this is a game that provides hours of entertainment for anyone interested in political endeavors.

The game is currently available for PC for only $7.49 on their official website and only requires 1 GB of hard drive space and 1 GB of RAM. A 2-Pack version of the game is also available for only $11.24 that allows friends to play with each other on two separate machines.

Games For Seniors

When we get older one of the first things that we notice is that we are not as sharp mentally as we once were however this is not an irreversible or incurable process and seniors trivia games can help you significantly in stimulating your brain so that it is active as it can be. Indeed, keeping your brain active is highly recommended as you get older not just for your memory and mental health but for your general well-being as well; a health brain usually keeps the rest of your body in shape as well and it is certainly something that everyone should be doing.

Many senior centres and retirement communities are not basing a lot of their activities around trivia games for the very reason that they play a big part in keeping the brain active and also encourage a lot of teamwork, communication and interaction as well something that that often be lost a bit as we get older. These games consist of many diverse rounds ranging from straight questions to music rounds with clips, videos etc… so there is a wide range of things to do with these senior trivia events.

Rather than just wallowing as you get older try and keep as mentally active and alert as you can. Oftentimes people can deteriorate fast if they do not keep their mind healthy and active and these types of games greatly assist in doing this. They are not long either and usually only last for an hour or so at a time but that is plenty time to give your brain a much needed period of heightened activity. Keeping active both physically and mentally is something that is recommended as you get older and with some of the trivia games now available it is very easy to do so.

Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

There has been much information posted in the past that revolved around video games and whether or not playing them could be considered healthy or dangerous. Studies have shown that there are a number of health benefits to be enjoyed by those who play video games fairly regularly.

Researchers have determined that playing video games is actually good for toddlers and preschoolers because it helps to improve motor skills. In a study done in Australia, reports showed that children around three and four years of age who regularly played interactive video games had much better motor skill control as opposed to children of the same age who never played video games at all.

Many studies have been done on the effects of video gaming on stress and depression. Most studies have shown conclusively that playing games allow those who may suffer from depression or other types of mental health to better vent their frustrations. This in turn allows them to relax more which doctors agree is essential for anyone with any sort of mental issue.

Other studies have shown that playing video games can help to provide a bit of pain relief, not only from emotional pain but from physical pain as well. Games have actually been developed that are designed to help patients who are recovering from physical injury. The games work by distracting patients and giving them something else to concentrate on rather than their pain. Snow World is a virtual reality game that uses an arctic setting where players throw snowballs at various targets. Many military hospitals use this game to help soldiers who are recovering from injuries incurred while in battle. Studies have shown that patients who play this game tend to request less pain medication than those who do not play.

It makes sense that playing video games could help to improve decision making skills. Many games are strategic and require that split second decisions be made in order to continue game play. Studies have shown that making these decisions while playing video games actually helps players to be better equipped to make hard decisions in real life.

Finally, video games can help players to improve their vision. This comes as a surprise to many who feel that playing video games for long periods of time could actually harm vision. After all, sitting too close to the television is what parents have always warned their children about because it is supposed to hurt the eyes. Studies have shown however that in players who have cataracts, first person shooter games can actually improve their detailed vision. Games such as Call of Duty or Metal of Honor are fast paced and require players to pay strict attention to what is going on. This is turn helps them to better train their eyes to see things more clearly and in sharper detail. The games also help the body to produce adrenaline and dopamine which is essential for overall brain function. As popular as video games have become, knowing that there are health benefits to playing may cause more and more players to spend a little extra time on their favorite games.

Hacking Games – Opening Up A World Of Possibilities

While we all play games online for the challenge and the enjoyment we often find that some test our patience and that finding a shortcut is far better than labouring through all the levels. Hacked games allow you to reap all the rewards that the game has to offer without having to put in all the effort.

For example, take Doraemon and the Bad Dogs. A popular game for sure however constantly dying and running out of lives as you try and save Doraemon can result in the game being increasingly frustrating. With some pre hacks you can eradicate the possibility of running out of lives and, instead, when you do die you actually gain lives giving you a much better chance of success. Another good example of hacked games that ultimately make the experience far more enjoyable and fun is with Evel Cownievel. An amusing game that has the objective of taking control of a cow and attempting to jump and clear a host of obstacles; with some simple hacks you can ensure that you have an infinite number of tries and the game will now end after you have used up your allotted attempts.

Some other games can give us a satisfying challenge when we progress through the levels however others can be incredibly exasperating as they go on. The likes of Flagman for instance. Instead of having to toil through all the different levels why not be able to choose what level you want? By playing the hacked version of the popular game you will be able to unlock all the available levels and, as a result, make the game much more enjoyable. Using pre hacks is becoming more popular with online flash based games and not only does it make the game itself slightly easier but it also opens up all the fantastic features that it has to offer.