GTA V Couples Mode – Other New Features

gtavJust in time for Valentine’s Day, GTA V has released a new Adversary Mode for GTA Online entitled “Till Death Do Us Part” that allows couples to team up against opponents to show the world who the most pimped out, gunned-down gangster couple really is. The Adversary Mode will support up to 4 couples a time for a total of eight players in one game, but couples will have to work together in order to win because if one team member is killed, the other player’s character will blow his or her brains out in an action-packed blaze of glory over the loss of their loved one. Team members will also receive regenerate their health faster when standing near their partner and five different romantic map locations will provide maximum gameplay.

First Person Upgrades
Another update for GTA V is the all-new animations and graphics that have been released for virtually every 3D model in the entire game. The pedestrians, animals, vehicles, street signs, trees, fire hydrants, and everything in between have been redesigned to be far more realistic and detailed. When riding around in a vehicle, for example, first-person perspective allows the player to see the entire dashboard of the car (or helicopter) that they’re in, including a functional speedometer and working brake light. Players can even take a selfie of their character by using the camera feature on their in-game cell phone.

Future of GTA (VR, Graphics, etc)
As the series progresses in a world fueled by virtual reality and Terminator-esque graphics cards, it is likely that we’ll be seeing a lot of new features from GTA VI and beyond. In fact, a group of modders has already created an unofficial patch for Grand Theft Auto V that makes the game compatible with the Oculus Rift and the Virtuix Omni, two of the leading virtual reality systems currently on the market. While the Oculus Rift provides head tracking and visual effects that make it seem as if the player is actually in the GTA universe, the Virtuix Omni is a 360 degree treadmill that simulates walking. The system even includes a rifle that tracks the player’s position and firing. Combined, these features create a truly immersive version of reality that makes regular GTA gaming pale in comparison. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it’s only a matter of time before Rockstar Games provides built-in support for future GTA editions.