New World War II FPS – Battalion 1944

1944Battalion 1944 is an upcoming first-person shooter, World War II game that’s specifically designed to look and feel like older games, such as Enemy Territory and Call of Duty. Developer Bulkhead wants to combine old-style first person shooter experiences with modern graphics technology. In order to bring that vision to reality, they asked for £100,000 in a Kickstarter campaign that lasted just 48 hours before reaching its funding goal. While the campaign is still ongoing, the developers have yet to release what their future donations will be used for.

Battalion 1944 places the player smack in the middle of 1944 Nazi Germany where the Allied forces must conquer the Nazis in order to rid the world of their invasive rule once and for all. Players are able to visit historical cities such as Carentan and Bastogne and use real-world weapons such as the Kar98, M1 Garand, and Thompson.

While similar games have been made in the past, Bulkhead states that Battalion 1944 brings back a lost period in gaming that many young adults remember from their childhood. Games like Call of Duty, Brothers In Arms, and Battlefield 1942 were hallmarks of a previous era in gaming that brought together historical fact with raw action-packed gameplay. Unfortunately, these older games are no longer available on newer gaming consoles, such as the PS4 or Xbox One. To bridge the gap between these older games and newer technologies, Bulkhead set out to create their own WWII game that will allow a younger audience and older players alike to appreciate the subtleties put into Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944 is loaded with small customizations that make the gameplay unique for each player. Players can, for example, engrave a message on the side of their rifle, customize their uniforms with a variety of patches and badges, and swap out insignias for different ranks and positions. Every detail has been meticulously considered, such as the sound a real Thompson makes when it’s being reloaded, and included throughout the game for a very realistic experience. Characters are also trained how to move by using body suits that allow real actors to capture realistic body movements while running, jumping, shooting, and simply turning around. The exact release date for Battalion 1944 is so far unknown, but it will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


doomSet to be released on May 13th, 2016, the latest installment in the Doom franchise will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. According to executive producer, Marty Stratton, the game will be centered around “badass demons, big effing guns and moving really, really fast”. Created by id Software and released by Bethesda Softworks, the game will feature multiple multiplayer modes and a custom mapmaker called SnapMap that let players create their own missions from scratch and share them with friends. Pre-orders are already being taken for the game on their official website and a collector’s edition that features a 12-inch demon statue is also available for $119.99.

Set in a similar universe as the original Doom classic from 1993, the player takes on the role of a member of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad who must rid a Martian research facility of the demons that have taken it over. As the player wakes up, he finds himself in Martian UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) facility and realizes that something’s not quite right. After making his way across the Martian surface, the player finds himself in an industrial complex that houses a misaligned satellite dish. By re-aligning the dish, the player plans to track down the source of the demonic invasion and put a stop to it once and for all.

In order to quell the evil forces of Hell, the player must battle his way across the Martian landscape, engaging demons of all shapes and sizes along the way. The game is very fast-paced and requires the player to utilize sprinting, jumping, and a built-in karate system for demonic melee fight scenes. Players are not limited in the number of weapons they can carry, but you cannot reload or regenerate health. Fortunately, ammo and health packs can be found all over the place and body armor can be worn to reduce the amount of damage taken.

Though not much is known about the upcoming release of Doom 4, which has been in the works since August 2007, it is known that four separate multiplayer options are available, which include Team Deathmatch, Clan Arena, Freeze Tag, and Domination. Enemies will include possessed humans, 9 different kinds of demons, plus cyberdemons. Fortunately, the player can also become a demon under special circumstances when they pick up a demon rune, which only appear spontaneously and have a timer that limits how long the player can be in demon-mode.