Grand Theft Auto Video Game Makers Sued For $250 Million

Over six years after ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ was released, the makers of the groundbreaking video game are being sued for a whopping $250 million. Michel Washington, who goes by the nickname ‘Shagg,’ is a member of the rap group Cypress Hill. Although he is not a front man, Shagg frequently goes on tour with the group and record backup vocals. He claims that the game’s developers first approached him in 2003 to ask questions about his life. The singer claims that the makers of Grand Theft Auto structured the main character of the game, CJ, around information gathered as a result of impromptu interviews. Even though the video game wound up being played in the living room of nearly every male gamer from the ages of 14 to 30, Shagg didn’t bring the lawsuit until now.
While most might think that Shagg doesn’t stand a chance at winning, and surmise that the lawsuit may actually be a publicity stunt, there are some striking similarities between himself and the game character. The game is set in California and tells the story of an urban pseudo gangster that shoots, carjacks and robs his way to the top. It is not known if Shagg has a documented criminal record, but he is from a tough neighborhood in California, and he is a member of a music group that is known to tell violent tales that involve drugs, guns and violent themes. The main thing that hurts Shagg’s credibility is the fact that he says it took him six years to even see the video game. It may be hard for the courts to believe that a person in his position with a reasonable amount of discretionary income and ties to popular culture failed to notice one of the most popular video games in history.