Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Review

In the past few years tablet technology has come on in leaps and bounds in order to make a PC like device that you hold in the palm of your hand a reality. With the iPad being the first major success in showing this vision of the future, tablets have started to grow more and more powerful allowing people to use them in tasks that they could only use a PC for before. This is where the Razer Edge comes in, it is a tablet designed by Razer a company well known for making many other gaming accessories such as great mice and keyboards and now it seems they are starting to move into other areas with this tablet and also a laptop range.

What sets this tablet apart from others on the market is the power it has inside. It comes with an Intel core i5 or i7 as well as a nVidia mobile graphics card that both pack a punch. All of this power inside along with the new windows 8 OS designed for tablets means that this device can do everything your PC can do but in the palm of your hand.

So if you want to play anything from online casino games, like the ones you can find on Lucky Nugget to full retail games you can with this device. With a wide range of themed slots games, poker and roulette, you will find something which suits your needs, to have fun for free or betting money. With the increase in online casino gaming, manufacturers are now ensuring that these can be played on tablets and other new technological devices. Being shown at CES the tablet was playing a recent release of Dishonoured, showing it to be a smooth experience that you would want when playing a game and with full mouse and keyboard support as well as the ability to output to your HD TV this device can become your real portable gaming system. Razer are looking to finalise and ship the product this year for around $999.99, this may put it out of many peoples price ranges but for those who truly love gaming this may be a must have.

Reviewing Online Bingo Websites

Online bingo gives everyone the chance to meet new friends, converse with people all over the world and make some money on the internet. Indeed, its whole appeal is in the fact that it is an incredibly easy game to play and really relies far more on luck and chance rather than possessing any skill of the game; hence why so many people are able to play and frequently win, unlike poker for instance.
That being said, there is such a vast array of bingo websites available these days and for a first time user it can be quite an overwhelming sensation when it comes to picking the correct website to play. However, you can find websites where you can read impartial and objective reviews on just about every UK bingo website that is online. These reviews go into some detail and outline what type of bingo games the various websites offer (usually 75 ball or 90 ball) as well as discussing any themed games or bingo matches that have slightly different rules and win objectives.
Each website gets an overall rating out of 5 and this is a great feature in which you can see how highly or lowly some websites are rated and, also, you can look at how many people rated them. The website also gives you up to date information on the various promotions and offers that each website has on ensuring that, if you are a first time user and about to join a bingo website, you will be able to get the best deal available. Screenshots of the sites are also on display and this can be an important decision for online bingo users as ease of use and accessibility on the bingo website can determine whether or not many players choose that particular company to play with.

Online Bingo Games

Such is the breadth of 21st century technology that you do not even have to leave your house in order to gamble; indeed, there is a whole range of great online bingo games available to your almost instantly on some casino websites. Bingo is one of the most popular of these casino games and the beauty of being able to play online means that you don’t have to just take part in the normal form of bingo as many online versions have a special theme or rules.

Take Pharaoh Bingo for instance. Not only is it set in the Pharaoh’s tomb with accompanying Egyptian style music and sounds but the rules also differ slightly from normal bingo. While the aim of the game is to match the numbers so that they make a certain pattern that is displayed at the top of the game, if the last ball is called out and you have failed to make the pattern in question – but are only one ball away from doing so – then you will get offered the chance to get an extra ball to boost your chances. This extra ball comes at a cost (a randomly generated amount) so instead of just sitting back and crossing off numbers as they come out, this bingo game takes an extra little bit of skill and intuition.

This is not the only themed bingo game as you can also play the likes of Samba bingo or Mayan bingo as well that both offered different settings, music and objectives and add a cultured touch to the game. Indeed, online casino games allow you to experience the run of the mill instant win challenges a bit differently than you normally would and they ensure that you will not get bored or tired of playing the same game over and over.

Playing Fight Games Online

The beauty of online fight games is that they require very little or no learning curve at all and you only need your keyboard to play successfully. Furthermore, some of them can be quite intense and intriguing.
Look at Crazy Flasher 3 for instance. Not only does it have a story mode but it also presents a reasonably challenging gaming experiencing. It is the sort of game that you can just casually load up but then really get involved with as you try to earn cash to buy new weapons. Similarly, Mafia Revenge also has a back story to it as you attempt to avenge the death of your close friend; indeed, one of the most attractive features of both these particular games is that they are 3D so you get an all round better experience than a simple 2D game. This includes being able to side step and dodge the enemy as well as having a better visual environment.

Indeed, most of these online fight games such as Crazy Flasher 3 and Mafia Revenge are very lightweight in terms of the amount of memory and RAM that they need to perform and, given that they have no real learning curve or that they do not expect the players to be competent in gaming, they can be loaded and played by almost anyone. Within the hour you could very well be mastering one of these online fight games and when you do, it is guaranteed that you will have a look for more like it as you become more involved in online gaming.

Learn How To Master Blackjack Online

Blackjack isn’t the easiest casino game to learn how to play, but once you are able to learn the rules you will be able to take on even the most skilled dealers. If you don’t feel like traveling to the casino and you aren’t willing to invest in a bunch of blackjack informational books, you can still learn how to play your hand by signing up at an Internet blackjack website. New blackjack players are often distracted by the sights and sounds of the casino. The main reason that playing online blackjack is a great resource is because it forced novices to focus on the game itself.

Eventually, you will learn how to read other players and spot weaknesses, but until you have mastered the fundamentals you should stick choosing your next moves carefully. Playing your hands safe will prevent you from losing your money, however, with Internet blackjack you can wager extremely low bets. Online blackjack offers new and experienced players the best value around because they can make more bold moves without fearing losing their cash.

After playing Internet blackjack for a few weeks you should have enough confidence and skill to start participating in high stakes games. After you have won your very first pot you will instantly know that you have what it takes to succeed. Whether you view blackjack as a sport or as a strategic game, know that there are thousands of other players just like you looking for a worthy opponent. Get in contact with the best blackjack players in the world and learn how they think and operate without leaving your home.

If you have always wanted to learn how to play blackjack but you have never been about to get around to it, take action and go to Inter Casino today. This gambling website is frequented by blackjack lovers that want to hone their skills while meeting like minded friends. You will run into plenty of other newcomers that are trying to test the waters, and with the assistance of of Inter Casino’s friendly staff you will be wheeling and dealing with the best of them in no time.