Biggest Game of 2010: Red Dead Redemption

In news that will surely please fans of the Rockstar Games development crew, it appears that the maker has managed yet another hit along the lines of Grand Theft Auto with its latest release Red Dead Redemption. The game features a setting in the Wild West era of the early United States while the North American continent was still being tamed and features an epic tale in a sweeping wilderness setting with a massive cast of characters. Gamers have been loving it up and copies have been hard for game shops to keep in stock. For the over all US video game industry sales that took place in the month of June 2010, more than 1 million copies of the game sold alone. In its first month after launch, more than 1.5 million copies sold and that makes Red Dead Redemption the hottest selling game of 2010 so far. The sprawling and open ended game has appealed to many fans that said they were not sure they would really like a cowboy based game, but the way that Rockstar was able to put a twist on the setting helped to create a truly unique experience that gamers were very much fond of. In order to win, the game was up against some stiff competition from Super Mario Galaxy 3 released in May 2010 by Nintendo that sold over 1 million copies in that month and then over 800,000 in June.

Just Dance, New Super Mario Bros. and Wii Fit were all top contenders for the space, as well.

New World Record Set for Asteroids Video Game

Gamers have long been a competitive group and there is today even an official Guinness Book of World Records video game edition which houses the top records for all things video and computer game related. In our current culture of video games as the grandest, most profitable form of entertainment, it is definitely a time when gamers are looking to set a huge number of records in a variety of different games that have never before reached quite the same level of extreme. A US man from the state of Oregon has recently beaten the longest standing video game record of all time, the highest score for early video game classic Asteroids and he beat it, say media sources, by more than two thousand points. The process was an exercise in total endurance, taking John McAllister more than 3 consecutive days to pull off and causing quite a stir among hard core arcade game fans.

The vintage game has been a favorite among collectors and many versions are available on the market, often being sold through online auction websites such as Ebay. McAllister beat the record in the basement of a friend’s house in Portland, Oregon. The previous record had been set in 1982 by a 15 year old boy named Scott Safran. In order to beat the record, McAllister would take breaks only to eat chicken and drink Gatorade, leaving the game in play while he did so. In the end, he topped the record score and left that record to stand at exactly 41,338,740 points according to another world record holder, Kent House who has the highest score for the game Dig Dug.