The world of computer and video games is a very exciting one, filled with every time of adventure that one can imagine because no matter what kind of imagination a person has, there is most likely a game that caters to it. Unlike books, movies or music, games are interactive and it is perhaps this one factor that has helped them become so popular that they are now the single highest earning branch of the entertainment in the world today. In the United States alone, the gaming industry brings in well over a billion dollars a year and according to all forecasts, that number is only expected to grow as games become a more and more prevalent part of the global culture. That is why VisaVis Games was created, to keep gamers up to date and well informed on all of the numerous topics that are part of life in today’s highly advanced gaming culture. This site will feature a variety of tips, guides, news and other resources to help gamers get to know not just the games that this industry has to offer, but all about it with clearly written and easy to follow articles.

For those just getting started, the site provides a great deal of valuable background information that can help shed light not only on where the game industry is today, but how it got to where it is now. Since video games have only been around for less than one century, their history might not sound as if it would be long, but considering the sheer number of developments which have taken place since those first early days, one can easily see how much there is to learn. To help make sense of it all, a glossary of terms is provided so that visitors can get a solid grasp of the lingo spoken not only among game enthusiasts, but also people inside the industry. This goes hand in hand with resources that show case each of the different platforms that games are played on, ranging from the personal computer to coin operated arcade games to the console systems such as Nintendo’s Wii or Sony’s Playstation 3. There is also extensive coverage of the genres of games that exist so that when players are looking for the next game they might like, VisaVis Games can help them get a clear understanding of the genres out there, which games fall into them and what sort of opportunities for fun they offer to players.

Game development is covered in depth, showcasing the different levels and styles of game theory upon which today’s games are formulated and the whole process, from initial idea right down to retail sales, of game making is covered, too. To top it all off there are news articles of the most salient stories of the day to keep gamers informed in an industry where things are changing on a month by month basis – if not even more rapidly since the advent of the web.

This is a free resource so everyone is welcome to stop by and take advantage of the information provided in order to get a better experience when they game.